Discover our Minerals of Alberta Map

This map presents a current view of non-energy mineral resources in the province and the extents of prospective areas for the exploration of undiscovered resources.

Synopsis of 3D Mapping and Modelling

This report presents 3D mapping and modelling methods at geological survey organizations across provincial, territorial, state, and federal levels around the world. This document contains 30 chapters pulled together into one cohesive volume.

Overview of Earthquakes near Red Deer

This report summarizes our investigations into central Alberta earthquakes after two seismic events were felt near Red Deer, Alberta, in March 2018 and March 2019.


Groundwater Availability for the Upper Peace Region

This report provides a regional assessment of the amount of shallow groundwater that builds on previous groundwater availability assessments completed in two other areas of Alberta.

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The Alberta Geological Survey publishes technical reports, maps, data, models, and more.

Interactive Maps and Apps

Our Interactive Maps highlight some of the geology and earth resource data published by AGS, and enable you to download the data in spreadsheet, shapefile or KML format.

Open Data Portal

Our Open Data Portal provides access to data describing the geology of the province of Alberta by topic or location, and links to our interactive maps, reports, and featured projects.

Earthquake Dashboard

This dashboard provides locations and information on earthquakes occurring in Alberta.

Report an Earthquake

This form allows you to report an earthquake event you felt in Alberta.

Table of Formations

The Alberta Table of Formations is routinely updated to reflect current scientific information.



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